Turn an existing folder in to a Teams Channel

This is a small real world case that I resolved a few days back. Some may not understand the difference of Folders and Channels so they sometimes create folders inside SharePoint libraries to achieve what they need.


If you ever worried that these folders can be turned in to channels, worry no more ! here’s the quickest way to do it.

Head on to your Teams site and find out the folder name which you want to turn in to a channel. In my case its “Linda Scope” and “Northwind Scope” folders.


Now go to your respective Team from the Teams app and click on “Create more channels” to create a channel under the relevant Team.


Name it identical as the folder and hit “Add


That’s it ! Now if you try to upload a file in to your original location (SharePoint Folder) and check back in Teams Channel, it should be right there.


This simply means that our goal is achieved.


Stay tuned for more interesting articles…..

DISCLAIMER NOTE: This is an enthusiast post and is not sponsored by Microsoft or any other vendor. Please do not copy/duplicate the content of the post unless you are authorized by me to do so.

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