SharePoint 2016 Beta Exam is out

IF you are an IT Professional dealing with SharePoint for more than 4 years in your day to day work this is a good chance to try Managing SharePoint 2016 Exam for free. Exam Code is 70-339, Managing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016. If you have experience in SharePoint product portfolio and other dependent products such as Windows Server, SQL Server, IIS and Network Infrastructure for more than 4 years, you are ideal for this opportunity.

350 Beta seats are opened by Microsoft in first come first serve basis. You can register with the voucher code given and its only valid through 11th July 2016. Means you have to register and take the exam before that date.

The big idea behind the Beta program is to collect the feedback from the community about the exam content and elements.

To obtain the free exam, Insert the Beta Code (BETA339MCP) at the check out section and for some countries such as – India, China, Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam. This exam will not be free.


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Preparation Guide 

How to prepare for a beta exam without materials

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